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Pro Audio Mastering - Mixing & Production

Pro Audio solutions from industry professionals with a wealth of experience.


Our range of services and mission is to provide the best audio quality available with reasonable pricing for everyone.  We cater for a wide range of clients from independent record labels, established artists, major labels through to emerging artists.   If you wish to contact us for further insight, please fill the contact form on our website.

Latest Mix / Master Work


Audio mastering and audio music production is much more than analysing levels, Limiting outputs, EQs, compression, frequency cuts and RMS.

The true art of audio work is also is to also analyse the integrity of the music, the artist's expressions and what it was intended for. Understanding the human perception of music is equally as important as technical perfection.
Different genres, styles, energy and the intended audience of music, also requires needs to be carefully considered as much as the processing. 

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